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Many people in Atlanta, GA are choosing micro pigmentation to permanently enjoy the face-defining effects of makeup after just one visit.

Micropigmentation, or permanent makeup, is the art and science of placing pigment into the skin to give it permanent color. This pigment has been tested through the most rigorous quality control standards and is broken down into tiny particles. Many people in  Atlanta, GA are choosing micro-pigmentation to permanently enjoy the face-defining effects of makeup after just one visit.

What is Micropigmentation

Atlanta, GA Micro pigmentation, and permanent makeup.

What Kind of Micropigmentation Is Available?

There are as many choices in hyperpigmentation as there are makeup options. Some people get color on their lips, to reduce the need for lipstick that can feather and bleed away from their mouth. Many decide to get micro pigmentation in their eyebrows to reduce the need to draw them on every day. People who enjoy wearing eyeliner often get permanent micro pigmentation around their eyes, so they have a permanent definition of their eyes.

How Is Micropigmentation Performed?

People who choose scalp micropigmentation first choose the area to be pigmented. The cosmetic artist will then cleanse the skin thoroughly and numb the area. The micro pigment is then injected into the dermis of the skin, just below the outermost layer, in a process similar to tattooing. There may be mild soreness and swelling in the two days following the procedure, but it is quickly abating when kept covered with sterile ointment.

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Who Can Benefit From Micropigmentation?

There are many different reasons to get micro pigmentation. Some people enjoy the definition of makeup but do not want to spend time applying it every day. Other people choose this procedure because they participate in activities or outdoor activities, where makeup can smear or bleed. Some people have challenges with vision or coordination that make it difficult to apply makeup perfectly.

Other people wish to cover scars or abnormal pigmentation of the skin with micro pigmentation. It can also be a great option for people with sensitive skin that reacts to makeup. This is a safe and affordable procedure, so there is no bad reason to choose it.

Micropigmentation gives you the definition and beauty of makeup without having to worry about constantly applying and reapplying. It is the perfect choice for anyone who wishes to enjoy the benefits of a fully made-up face without the time, expense, and drawbacks. This simple cosmetic procedure will improve your appearance permanently in just one visit.

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