What Are Combo Brows?

December 6, 2021




Eyebrow fashion changes regularly, and currently, natural brows are definitely for the win. There are numerous ways people can have their eyebrows done, such as threading, waxing, lamination, henna, and many more. Over the years, many people have become more aware of permanent makeup, which can theoretically be described as a makeup tattoo.
There are a few different techniques that can give someone the perfect eyebrows, but what exactly are Combo Brows? Combo brows are a combination of techniques used for different methods of brows tattooing. The two used are usually microblading and powder brows.


Microblading (hair stroke brows) is the only permanent makeup that uses a unique manual tool. This pen-like tool consists of 10-12 microneedles at the base of the pen, creating a kind of blade; this blade is then used to scratch small hair-like strokes in the skin, ones deposited with pigment the stroke mimic the look of brows hair, giving them a completely natural appearance. Although this technique is excellent and possibly the most natural-looking, it is not recommended for oily, combo, thin, or mature skin types. The pigments do not hold for long enough, causing premature fading.

Powder Brows

Powder brows, also known as stardust brows or ombre brows, have a technique that creates the illusion of naturally full, soft brows. This can create a very light finish with a cosmetic machine, and the product is applied in the desired shape. We can apply the pigment repetitively, which will make it appear as if you have perfectly filled in your brow with an eyebrow pencil or brow pomade. The trick to powder brows is building up the pigment and then blending it out until your natural eyebrows don’t appear any darker than they naturally do. The pigment will last for about three to six months depending on skin type and lifestyle, so it is recommendable for most skin types, but oily skin types need to be mindful that their brows may fade earlier.

Combo Brows

The combo brow, sometimes known as Hybrid Brows, is a unique blend of microblading and Powder brow techniques. Microblading hairstrokes are placed with the manual tool around the border of the brow to give the brow a natural look. The body and tail of the brow receive shading from the powder brow technique that fills in the sparse areas and lasts longer than just microblading alone.

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