Scalp Micropigmentation


What Is Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp Micropigmentation involves tattooing realistic looking hair follicles onto the skin of the scalp using colors and patterns that closely match the client’s hair and growth pattern. A hairline is created that compliments clients’ facial features. Once carefully mapped, thousands of small dot impressions are tattooed into the scalp. The resulting look is one which blends in with any remaining hair and creates a buzz cut look.

Why You Need Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp micropigmentation can alleviate the emotional distress and psychological effects that hair loss and balding have on people losing their hair. It can also help lower anxiety and prevent people from developing a negative body image from hair loss. Scalp micropigmentation improves confidence in your appearance and self-esteem!

The biggest benefit of scalp micropigmentation is that it gives you a more youthful appearance. Scalp micropigmentation is beneficial for people who are suffering from male or female pattern baldness, receding hairline, or alopecia because it recreates an entire hairline. Scalp micropigmentation treatments minimize the appearance of bald patches on the scalp with density treatments.

If you have been ridiculed due to hair loss or a receding hairline, with scalp micropigmentation you could step into dates and speak in public, without having to suffer from the stigma of hair loss, while increasing your attractiveness and youthful flare.

What Does Scalp Micropigmentation Do

Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) has been recognized to have long lasting, self esteem boosting results that will not scar. There are no false promises involved with SMP. It will not create hair; it will create the appearance of hair growth, thus eliminating the “shine” of a bald scalp or bald patches for both men and women.

Why Scalp Micropigmentation vs. Hair Transplant Surgery

Scalp Micropigmentation is affordable compared to hair transplant surgery which may or may not cure the problem. Additionally, there is no scarring. Scalp micropigmentation recovery is easy because there are no bandages or stitches to worry about. Scalp micropigmentation is fast and can be completed in a few sessions with no downtime compared to hair transplant surgery.


Combine SMP (scalp micropigmentation) with a scar revision treatment if you were a victim of a failed hair transplant, trust the skill of your Atlanta permanent cosmetics professional at Anna Burns Permanent Cosmetics and your final result with be smoother looking scalp skin, which is blended with a carefully executed hyper-realistic looking hair follicle simulation treatment.

Contact us. Your Atlanta permanent makeup professional can help you regain your confidence and give you the look you want.


Searching of a solution for a full head of hair? We have just the answer for you. SMP mimics follicle impressions to create the illusion of dense hair.



Anyone who has thinning hair due to age maturity, alopecia, trichotillomania. Anyone who wants natural looking fullness on their scalp without the downtime of hair replacement surgery.

Anyone who suffers from hemophilia, seizures and epilepsy, cold, flu, covid-19; has active acne, eczema, psoriasis, keloid scars, hypertrophic scars on the area to be treated; women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, anyone undergoing chemotherapy, who has a pacemaker or major heart problems, has immunodeficiency, organ transplant, is currently using or has been on Accutane for less than one year.

Pigment particles exposed to the UV rays of the sun breaks down over time.  Pigment particles in your skin used to create your SMP tattoos are exposed to the UV rays of the sun.  To prevent premature fading, you will need to use sunblock consistently.  Avoiding the sun, tanning beds, retinol, alpha hydroxy, and use of glycolic acids such as fruit acids commonly found in some toners, cleansers and moisturizers will help with the longevity of your SMP.

On average scalp tattoos last anywhere between 3 to 5 years.

Scalp Micropigmentation may cause some discomfort. The skin on your temples and front hairline are thinner than the rest of the scalp. Tattooing these thinner areas may cause slight discomfort. The average client comfort level ranges between 2 to 4 (on a scale of 1 being lowest level and 10 being the highest level of discomfort).

Different needle sizes are chosen depending on the type of skin you have. With any tattoo procedure, pigment particles are deposited into the skin when the tattoo needles carrying the pigment particles break your skin barrier and enter your dermis.

We specialize in enhancing your natural beauty.  We help you choose a scalp design that complements your face.   We choose colors that complement your skin tone and match your natural hair.  Our years of experience, investment in continuing education, advanced techniques and equipment give us an edge in creating realistic, natural scalp tattoos.

Although it is possible for scars to develop, we implant pigments at a shallow depth into your skin tissue. We minimize scarring by using the most technologically advanced methods and products.

Right after SMP, the impressions are dark, your skin is red and inflamed. Inflammation lasts between 1 to 2 days.

Please avoid wet shaving for 10 days post procedure.

Most people do not need to take time from their employment.  If you have travel plans, wedding or other special occasions to attend, please plan your SMP procedure accordingly.

The final healed result can be seen after the initial consecutive treatment sessions. This is generally six to eight weeks.

SMP is designed to blend with your natural hair color and provide the right amount of contrast against your skin tone. If you are changing hair color that is a lighter shade than your SMP (like blonde) your SMP will appear dark in contrast to it. Light hair color/shade against darker SMP gives the effect of dark roots. If you are considering darker shades of hair colors than your current SMP, you will need to add density to your SMP to blend with your dark hair color. Consider changing your hair color the same shade as your SMP.

Yes. SMP can be removed with laser or saline tattoo removal. Lasers are used to heat and blast the pigment particles into even smaller particle sizes which are easily absorbed by your immune system. Saline tattoo removal is a natural way of lifting the pigment out of your dermis, out of your body through the process of osmosis and scabbing. SMP is fairly easy to remove in most cases because the pigment is deposited at a very superficial depth in the skin.

Yes. Preferably, any hair transplant surgeries should be done prior to receiving SMP. If you choose to go through hair transplant after you already have SMP, you must wait for the incision scars to fully heal before you could go through the process of SMP to camouflage the scar.

Yes.  You should always be cautious, as it is possible to be allergic to the pigment.  We may perform a patch test, at your request, with the chosen pigment to be used to reduce the chance of an unexpected allergic reaction.  But, keep in mind that you can develop an allergy to anything at any time.  Many doctors recommend that people who have sensitive skin or allergies to cosmetics have permanent makeup procedures done because they are great alternatives to cosmetic products that they are sensitive to.

There is no downtime to begin your Scalp Micropigmentation journey. You can come in for a consultation during your lunch or after your work.

Shaving your hair depends on whether you have a small amount or a big amount of hair loss. For large amount of hair loss, we recommend shaving your hair down to the skin to ensure we achieve true density. A textured look can be achieved when you create a real gradient with several layers of follicle impressions. If you are maintaining a buzzcut appearance, we recommend shaving your hair down to the skin every other day.

Apply moisturizer three times day to prevent dryness and flaky skin. Wear a hat or apply sunblock daily to extend the longevity of your scalp micropigmentation.  If you had a spot or hairline density fill procedure, you may grow your hair out. Otherwise, keep your hair short. Use an electric shaver to shave your head. We recommend Wahl Professional Balding Clipper.

Scalp micropigmentation does not go as far into the skin as a regular tattoo. The skin tissue on your scalp is thinner than the skin tissue on your extremities and body. We implant pigment at a very superficial depth to prevent migration (blow outs) and achieve small natural looking dot impressions that mimic your natural hair follicles. Anna Burns, Your Atlanta Permanent Cosmetics Professional, is a scalp micropigmentation specialist. She knows just the ‘sweet spot’ or the proper depth to implant the pigment into your skin for your investment to last you years.

Scalp micropigmentation is designed to be more permanent. Once your initial treatment sessions are complete, you can expect to get a touch up every 2-6 years.  Tricopigmentation is designed to fade between six to eighteen months..

The initial cost of tricopigmentation is the same or slightly less than SMP.  However, because tricopigmentation does not last as long as smp, having to refresh the density of your thinning hair constantly with tricopigmentation does not seem like the best use of your money nor your time.

While laser tattoo removal and saline tattoo removal can be used to remove or fix a botched scalp micropigmentation tattoo, tricopigmentation can only be removed by saline tattoo removal because it contains titanium dioxide. If saline tattoo removal does not remove your botched tricopigmentation tattoo, your only solution is to wait for the tricopigmentation treatment to naturally fade away.

Each session is between 60 to 120 minutes.

Prices vary depending on the amount of hair loss and the presence of scars. The average cost of Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP) is between $2000 to $4000. Remember this is an average. Some treatments may cost below $2000 while others may cost above $4000. Call or email us for a free consultation.

An average of three to four consecutive sessions are necessary to give a true gradient on the scalp. If additional sessions are required, additional fees are charged at the standard rate.

Each consecutive session is booked every two weeks.

Procedures are done under strict sterile standards in keeping with those set by the Centers for Disease Control. We use sterile disposable supplies.

Any time the skin is open there is potential for an infection. The treated area must be kept clean. There are usually no major complications.  To prevent infection during the procedure, we use:  Pre-sterilized disposable for each new client and each new procedure on each client.  New wipes, gauze, cotton and swabs, new pigment cups, new gloves, new barrier film, new equipment barrier control bags between clients and throughout the procedure.  Hospital grade disinfectant cleaners and medical sterilization procedures that kill microorganisms like HIV, Hepatitis A, B, and C, MRSA, Staph, Tuberculosis for all equipment and working surfaces are used.

All contaminated needles are disposed of in a recognizable sharps container.

It is ideal to have minimal or no bleeding during the procedure.

Please refrain from blood thinning NSAIDs like ibuprofen, Naproxen, Aspirin; blood thinners like Coumadin; vitamins like B & E; alcoholic and caffeinated beverages; fats like fish oils, flax seed oil, walnut oil; herbs like curry powder, ginger, paprika, thyme, cinnamon, dill, oregano, turmeric, liquorice, peppermint, cayenne pepper, garlic, gingko; vegetables like avocados, cabbage, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, onions, kelp, kale; and sodas 48 hours prior and up to the day of your procedure.

Please get plenty of rest and hydrate yourself starting at least 24 hours prior to and up to the day of your procedure.


Anna is professional, friendly and makes me feeI relaxed and comfortable. I’m quite impressed with how thorough, detailed and committed she is, to making sure the job is done well…!!!




Hairlines can add age or make you look younger. Hairline is a very popular service for both men and women. Clients are impressed at how full their hair looks after treatment. A new hairline does wonders in framing your face. Show us a picture of your hairline before your hair loss and we will match your new SMP hairline to your original hairline.



Part line is another popular service for both men and women. It is common to have hair loss in this area. Traction alopecia can be a problem at the part line. Density treatments at the part line are great for creating the appearance of fullness at the part line from the front of the head to the crown.



Density is created by layering several passes of dot impressions that mimic hair follicles to give the illusion of thicker hair. Density is a great solution for men and women who are thinning in certain areas but otherwise still have a full head of hair everywhere else. Density is applied and blended to the thinning area and surrounding hair. When strands of hair/healthy hair follicles are present and evenly dispersed throughout the thinning area of your scalp, creating density with SMP can be done without having to shave your hair. If much of the scalp is exposed with very little to no hair present, we recommend completely shaving your hair to give the most natural density blend.



The loss of the hairline results in a more aged appearance and dramatically affects the way people see themselves. This often contributes to low self esteem. In terms of dating and relationships, hair loss can have a profound effect on how people perceive themselves and how they think they are perceived by others. This resonates specially with younger people. Whether you are experiencing scalp scarring or being plagued with pattern baldness and patchy hair, scalp micropigmentation (SMP) is an excellent and proven solution that addresses these situations.

SMP Scar Camouflage

SMP Scar Camouflage

Density is created by layering several passes of dot impressions that mimic hair follicles to give the illusion of thicker hair. Density is a great solution for men and women who are thinning in certain areas but otherwise still have a full head of hair everywhere else. Density is applied and blended to the thinning area and surrounding hair. When strands of hair/healthy hair follicles are present and evenly dispersed throughout the thinning area of your scalp, creating density with SMP can be done without having to shave your hair. If much of the scalp is exposed with very little to no hair present, we recommend completely shaving your hair to give the most natural density blend.



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