Tattoo Removal


Can tattoos be removed?

Tattoo removal, also called tattoo lightening, works by implanting a solution into the skin tissue. The solution “binds” to the iron oxides in the tattoo color pigments of the treated permanent makeup tattoo or body art tattoo areas. The solution then safely lifts these pigments to the surface of the skin tissue through oxidation. A scab will form over the treated area which must be kept dry until it sloughs off naturally.

Proper education and hands-on training in permanent makeup tattoo and body art tattoo removal or lightening is key to ensure clients receive the most professional tattoo removal treatment and care. Our staff provides the very best assistance and care. Tattoo and permanent makeup lightening using the saline solution method is a better option for the lightening or removal of all cosmetic tattoos, whereas laser removal is not recommended for certain areas like the eyebrows, eyes, and lips which may turn permanent makeup pigments black.

The treatment is well tolerated by clients and generally requires several sessions spaced 8 to 12 weeks apart, depending on the goal and area being treated, to achieve optimal results.  Multiple treatments are required with all tattoo removal methods.  The beauty of saline tattoo removal is its safety and kindness to the skin, using an all-natural formulation.  When done by an experienced removal technician results are remarkable.

Contact us. Your Atlanta permanent makeup professional can help you remove your unwanted tattoos.


Have unwanted tattoos? Bad permanent makeup? Saline tattoo removal is the option for you. It is safe, natural and the process does not shift pigments to black. Whether you are looking to lighten your tattoos enough to get some good cover-ups done or remove most of it, our saline tattoo removal is less damaging to the skin than laser tattoo removal.



People who have unwanted permanent makeup; people who are embracing changes and maturity in life; people who are applying for a career opportunity; and people who want to remove names of former lovers or friends.

Anyone who suffers from hemophilia, seizures and epilepsy, cold, flu, covid-19; has active acne, eczema, psoriasis, keloid scars, hypertrophic scars on the area to be treated; women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, anyone undergoing chemotherapy, who has a pacemaker or major heart problems, has immunodeficiency, organ transplant, is currently using or has been on Accutane for less than one year.

We apply anesthetics to the area prior to treatment.  However, depending on each individual’s pain tolerance level, it may not be possible to eliminate discomfort for all clients.

We use specific needle groupings to inject saline solution into your dermis where pigment is to be lifted and lightened.

Although it is possible for scars to develop, we implant pigments at a shallow depth into your skin tissue. We minimize scarring by using the most technologically advanced methods and products specifically designed for saline tattoo lightening/removal.

The treated area will be red and dark.  As the days progress the treated area may turn brown.  There will be some scabbing that develop and become visible.   Please do not disturb the scabs intentionally or unintentionally as this will cause scarring.

You see results in eight weeks.

Tattoos by design are permanent.  When we perform saline tattoo lightening, we do not guarantee how much of the pigment is removed from your body.  There have been cases where not even the faintest image from any unwanted tattoos were left on some of our clients’ skin.  However, this depends on many different factors.  Most important is how much of the pigment particles is re-encapsulated by the macrophages of your immune system after the particles have been displaced by the saline tattoo lightening/removal process.

The sooner saline tattoo lightening is performed, the better the chances are of lifting the unwanted pigment particles out of your dermis.  You do not have to wait 4 to 8 weeks for your skin to heal before deciding on removing any unwanted permanent makeup.  Saline tattoo removal can be done immediately after your permanent makeup procedure.

It is recommended to have the procedure done with plenty of time before or after an important event.  Please plan your procedure appointment accordingly.

Yes.  You should always be cautious, as it is possible to be allergic to an ingredient in the product or the topical anesthetic.  We may perform a patch test, at your request, to reduce the chance of an unexpected allergic reaction.  But, keep in mind that you can develop an allergy to anything at any time.

60 to 120 minutes.

$300 per treatment session.

This treatment requires multiple treatments.  We cannot guarantee the number of sessions it would take to lighten your unwanted tattoo.   Though we do not promise instant results, we have seen a tremendous amount of lightening from some clients after a single session. I recommend a minimum of three treatments.

It is 8 weeks after the first treatment, 12 weeks after the second treatment, 8 weeks after the third treatment.  The intervals between treatments alternate between 8 weeks and 12 weeks.

Procedures are done under strict sterile standards in keeping with those set by the Centers for Disease Control. We use sterile disposable supplies.

Any time the skin is open there is potential for an infection. The treated area must be kept clean. There are usually no major complications.  To prevent infection during the procedure, we use:  Pre-sterilized disposable needles for each new client and each new procedure on each client.  New wipes, gauze, cotton and swabs, new pigment cups, new gloves, new barrier film, new equipment barrier control bags between clients and throughout the procedure.  Hospital grade disinfectant cleaners and medical sterilization procedures that kill microorganisms like HIV, Hepatitis A, B, and C, MRSA, Staph, Tuberculosis for all equipment and working surfaces are used.

All contaminated needles are disposed of in a recognizable sharps container.

Please get plenty of rest and hydrate yourself starting at least 24 hours prior and up to the day of your procedure.


I suggest you come to see Anna for all your cosmetic needs

– Pam

Tattoo Removal


Have unwanted tattoos? Bad permanent makeup? Saline tattoo removal is the option for you. It is safe, natural and the process does not shift pigments to black. Whether you are looking to lighten your tattoos enough to get some good cover-ups done or remove most of it, our saline tattoo removal is less damaging to the skin than laser tattoo removal.



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