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Psychological Effects of Mastectomy for a Woman

A woman’s self-image can depend on the appearance of her breasts, therefore, a missing areola after breast reconstruction surgery can be psychologically devastating. At Anna Burns Permanent Cosmetics, your Atlanta permanent cosmetics professional, we help women regain hope, wholeness, and self-confidence through the healing art of areola tattooing.

Psychological Effects of Mastectomy for a Man

A man’s self-image can also be affected by the appearance of his chest and areolas. Restoring the natural look of his areolas through the healing art of areola tattooing provides a sense of “normalcy” for a man after a mastectomy or gynecomastia.

Can we get color back to my areola? Is this the same as a nipple tattoo?

This advanced paramedical tattoo procedure requires extensive education, training, and experience. An areola tattoo or 3d areola tattoo restores color and nipple to the breast following mastectomy/breast reconstruction. Most often done in combination with scar revision treatments which minimizes the appearance of surgical scars after a mastectomy or breast reconstruction, the final result is a hyper-realistic areolas and healthy smooth skin. Scar revision treatments help with even color retention in areola tattooing.

Hyper-realistic three-dimensional appearance of nipple and areola can be achieved with 3D areola tattoos. These healing tattoos do shift the focus away from scars and restore the areolas to a more natural appearance after breast reconstruction surgery.

Areolas play an important role in the aesthetic look of breasts in both women and men. Patients feel the areola tattooing process helps them feel “whole” and “normal” after surgery. Returning to health both physically and emotionally makes a world of difference to the self-esteem of survivors. If you would like to donate and help someone receive an areola tattoo, please visit our non-profit

Contact us. Your Atlanta permanent makeup professional today to regain your normalcy and lead beautiful lives with the highest quality areola tattoos.

Before and After

We specialize in the art of healing tattoos. Restore your confidence and feel whole again with areola tattoos to complete your mastectomy/breast reconstruction, cosmetic, or gynecomastia surgery journey.



Anyone who is considering or has had prophylactic mastectomy, mastectomy and/or breast reconstruction, transgender men who want to complete their masculinizing chest surgery, men who want to bring color back to their areolas after gynecomastia surgery, women who had breast augmentations, reductions or lifts and desire to bring color back to their areolas.

Anyone who suffers from hemophilia, seizures and epilepsy, cold, flu, covid-19; has active acne, eczema, psoriasis, keloid scars, hypertrophic scars on the area to be treated; women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, anyone undergoing chemotherapy, who has a pacemaker or major heart problems, has immunodeficiency, organ transplant.

Yes.  The pigment particles, once tattooed into the skin, stays encapsulated in the skin tissue.

Pigment particles exposed to the UV rays of the sun breaks down over time.  Pigment particles in your skin used to create your areola tattoos are exposed to the UV rays of the sun.  To prevent premature fading, you will need to use sunblock consistently.  Avoiding the sun, tanning beds, retinol, alpha hydroxy, and use of glycolic acids such as fruit acids commonly found in some toners, cleansers and moisturizers will help with the longevity of your areola tattoo.

On average manual or machine method of implanting pigment into the skin for permanent makeup last anywhere from two to five years.

We apply anesthetics to the area prior to treatment and throughout the duration of the treatment.  However, depending on each individual’s pain tolerance level, it may not be possible to eliminate discomfort for all clients.

Tattoo pigments are injected into the skin tissue just above the dermal layer. Implants are placed deeper in the body either under the muscle or above the muscle. Areola tattoos will not puncture breast implants and have no negative effects on them.

Areola tattoo is way less intense and involved compared to breast reconstruction surgery. Anyone should be able to drive themselves to our office and back home.

We help you make decisions on design elements for the most natural looking areolas. Before your areola tattoo begins, we would ask for your approval on the areola size, shape, placement and color. Different needle configurations are chosen for your areola tattoo. With any tattoo procedure, pigment particles are deposited into the skin when the tattoo needles carrying the pigment particles break your skin barrier and enter your dermis.

We specialize in creating hyper realistic areolas.  We help you choose an areola design that complements your breasts. Our years of experience, investment in continuing education, advanced techniques and equipment give us an edge in creating realistic, natural areola tattoos.

Although it is possible for scars to develop, we use the most technologically advanced methods and products to prevent scarring. It is important to be compliant with your aftercare in reducing the occurrence of scarring.

Dark areolas.  The color will oxidize immediately after the procedure and look too dark and saturated.  Swelling and red.  The area will be slightly swollen and red right after the procedure. The inflammation should start to subside in one to two days.  After a week or two, your areola will start to lighten as the skin tissue goes through changes. Scabbing or flaking may occur and become visible.  Please do not disturb the scabs intentionally or unintentionally.  The area will peel leaving less intense color within days.

Between six weeks to three months after your last surgery. The procedure causes temporary swelling, redness and in rare cases, bruising.  Most people do not need to take time from their employment.  If you have travel plans, wedding or other special occasions to attend, please plan your areola tattoo procedure accordingly.

The final healed result can be seen six weeks after the initial procedure.

Yes.  As long as surgical incisions are not made where your areola tattoo is located.

Yes. Let your laser practitioner know so that they can cover your areolas.  Pigments with Titanium Dioxide will turn black when exposed to laser.

Yes.  You should always be cautious, as it is possible to be allergic to the pigment or the topical anesthetic.  We may perform a patch test, at your request, with the chosen pigment to be used to reduce the chance of an unexpected allergic reaction.  But, keep in mind that you can develop an allergy to anything at any time.  Many doctors recommend that people who have sensitive skin or allergies to cosmetics have permanent makeup procedures done because they are great alternatives to cosmetic products that they are sensitive to.

There is no downtime to begin your areola breast tattoo journey. You can come in for a consultation during your lunch or after your work.

120 to 150 minutes.

For bilateral areolas, the cost is $800 for the initial treatment session.  For unilateral areola, the cost is $600 for the initial session. Additional treatment sessions are scheduled every 6 weeks after the initial treatment session and are $150 for each session.

Areola tattoo is a multiple step process.  It is recommended to have a continuation visit six weeks after the initial treatment session.  On average we see clients in three visits. However, depending on the client’s skin tissue, it could take more. The third visit is an office visit only (no procedure is done).

Continuation visits are scheduled in intervals of six weeks after the initial treatment session.

Your Atlanta Permanent Makeup Professional, Anna Burns Permanent Cosmetics, is an out of network service provider. Please call your insurance company and ask what your out of network benefits are with regards to areola tattooing. Our office currently does not process insurance claims or take insurance payments.

Procedures are done under strict sterile standards in keeping with those set by the Centers for Disease Control. We use sterile disposable supplies.

Any time the skin is open there is potential for an infection. The treated area must be kept clean. There are usually no major complications.  To prevent infection during the procedure, we use:  Pre-sterilized disposable for each new client and each new procedure on each client.  New wipes, gauze, cotton and swabs, new pigment cups, new gloves, new barrier film, new equipment barrier control bags between clients and throughout the procedure.  Hospital grade disinfectant cleaners and medical sterilization procedures that kill microorganisms like HIV, Hepatitis A, B, and C, MRSA, Staph, Tuberculosis for all equipment and working surfaces are used.

All contaminated needles are disposed of in a recognizable sharps container.

It is ideal to have minimal or no bleeding during the procedure.

Please refrain from blood thinning NSAIDs like ibuprofen, Naproxen, Aspirin; blood thinners like Coumadin; vitamins like B & E; alcoholic and caffeinated beverages; fats like fish oils, flax seed oil, walnut oil; herbs like curry powder, ginger, paprika, thyme, cinnamon, dill, oregano, turmeric, liquorice, peppermint, cayenne pepper, garlic, gingko; vegetables like avocados, cabbage, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, onions, kelp, kale; and sodas 48 hours prior and up to the day of your procedure.

Please get plenty of rest and hydrate yourself starting at least 24 hours prior to and up to the day of your procedure.


After getting up and seeing the results, I realized no way I would have felt whole again without doing this procedure.

– Sheri


Bilateral Areola Tattoo

Bilateral areola tattoo is an areola tattoo treatment that implants pigment into the skin of two breasts with two artificial nipples created with nipple reconstruction surgery.

3D Areola Tattoo

3D Areola Tattoo

3D Areola tattoo recreates the illusion of a raised nipple on a reconstructed breast without nipple reconstruction surgery. Our background in art and design, and our years of experience in permanent cosmetics enable us to recreate the illusion of a raised nipple using light and shade during the tattoo process.

Areola Scar Camouflage

Areola Scar Camouflage Tattoo

Areola scar camouflage covers and blends white incision scars with pigment that closely matches the natural areola color of your breast. This is an ideal solution to take the focus away from the lightness or lack of color of your incision scar.


Gynecomastia Areola Scar Camouflage

Gynecomastia is an enlargement of the male breast tissue. This develops during puberty due to hormonal changes in the body. In most cases, the swollen breast tissue subsides on its own without treatment. Some men undergo gynecomastia surgery as adults to eliminate the excess breast tissue. This surgery generally leaves the areola disfigured and scarred. We offer areola scar camouflage for men after gynecomastia surgery to match the existing areola color and tone. Our artistic skill and years of experience help us achieve natural healed results.


Chest Masculinization Areola Tattoo

Chest masculinization surgery involves mastectomies to create a masculine contour and appearance to the chest. This surgery is performed by removing female breasts to achieve the flat male chest.


Unilateral Areola Tattoo

Unilateral areola tattoo is an areola tattoo treatment that implants pigment into the skin tissue of one breast with an artificial nipple created with nipple reconstruction surgery.



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