Scar relaxation therapy uses advanced skin needling techniques to reduce the appearance of scars.  Old scar tissue fibers deep within the skin are released when the skin tissue is punctured with micro-needles.  The treatment repairs the skin naturally, working below the epidermis layer in the dermis layer of the skin tissue. This takes time as new collagen and elastin fibers are formed, softening scars, generating new skin cells and enhancing blood supply. Results can be seen in as little as a few weeks with a dramatic improvement of scars. This is a beneficial procedure for women and men who have surgical scars from mastectomy and breast reconstruction.

What is a scar?

A scar is a result of a series of wound healing steps that the body undertakes to repair damage to the skin. Scars that heal poorly may become:

  • Discolored where a scar becomes lighter or redder than the surrounding skin
  • Raised or recessed like a dimple
  • Abnormally textured

Benefits of Scar Relaxation:

  • Improved cosmetic appearance and reduced visibility of the scar.
  • Brings your skin back as close to its normal appearance as possible.
Collagen Rejuvenation