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Derma Rolling

What to expect in your Derma Rolling procedure. It is simple with minimal pain and have no down time.

A Derma Roller is chosen for your procedure depending on depth of wrinkles, damage, burn and acne scarring, and on the age and thickness of your skin. We roll the derma roller on the areas of concern. Tiny needles puncture your skin as the roller is moved over these areas so gently that is does not draw blood. Your skin will interpret these needle pricks as wounds and begin the healing process, producing collagen and gradually reducing the appearance of acne and chicken pox scars, and wrinkles.


What to expect after your Derma Rolling Procedure

You will be a bright pink right after the procedure and will need to bring a sun hat to assure maximum protection on the way home. You will need to treat this skin with the utmost of care to give yourself the best results. We recommend using SPF 45 or higher sunblock to protect your skin from harmful UV rays of the sun.


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